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The Accordion system converts ordinary external HD into a NAS box and enables you to backup data using any usb based storage device whether it is RAID, SATA, ATA, IDE, SSD, or even CF-card.

Accordion backup appliance is a self contained device that can utilize any external storage for backing up data. You can utilize existing excess storage on existing workstations or servers. You can use existing NAS storage or you can use any usb based storage device. Accordion is agnostic when it comes to where it backs up to or what technology is used for backup.

Accordion is ideal for home and small business use. Backup Windows workstations, servers, OSX, Linux; Accordion backs up all OSs' data. Accordion protects against ransomware by segregating the backup.

There is no software to install for Accordion, no need to worry about software for Windows, OSX, or any other. The Accordion backup appliance handles all the backups. No need to worry about the new batch of ransomware that infects networked drives since only the Accordion appliance has access to the backups. All backup and restore functions are handled by the Accordion appliance. Set the schedule, set how many backups to keep and run a restore all from the Accordion appliance.

Faster data recovery

Accordion reduces time to restore data. Accordion Pi allows you to restore data incrementally. Accordion keeps historical data so files that were deleted months ago can be retrieved. Accordion backs up automatically. . . .

More efficient backup

Accordion only backs up changes to the files not whole files. Accordion backups take less storage space. Accordion backups are created in the appliance not the workstations or server. Accordion makes it easy to backup and restore . . .


Accordion is about flexibility; flexibility to chose where and what to backup. With Accordion, all your workstations and servers can be backed up and restored from a single unit regardless of whether your internet is down . . .

Business disruptions due to ransomware and virus is a thing of the past

Accordion reduces down time caused by ransomware and viruses. Restore files based on urgency, or based on file types. Restore files before unwanted changes were made . . .